Why Solar Panels Is Important?

April 6, 2021 , Solar Panels

Solar Panels are known to be the most cost effective solution for generating electricity in homes. It is not only cost effective but also environment friendly. Solar Panels is being used in almost every home today as they are known to produce more than enough energy to meet the needs of the house. However, most people do not have an idea about the technology behind Solar Panels.

Description: Solar Panels is made up of a collection of solar cells known as photovoltaic modules. The process used to make Solar Panels is quite simple. The first-generation Solar Panels is very costly. Therefore most of the industries and most of the households use the second-generation Solar Panels. These Solar Panels has about fifteen percent higher efficiency and they are about twenty times cheaper than the first-generation Solar Panels.

Technology: It has been found that the efficiency of Solar Panels increases drastically when the silicon in the Solar cells is changed from monolayer to polycrystalline. The polycrystalline Solar Panels has a high efficiency rating and they are known to produce power at a much lower price than the monolayer Solar Panels. It is now believed that the efficiency of Solar Panels can be increased by decreasing the concentration of the light which is absorbed by the silicon, while increasing the exposure time to the light by using lenses instead of mirrors.

Climate change: Solar Panels can contribute to the climate change. Solar cells produce a small amount of pollution by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, Carbon Dioxide is a very powerful greenhouse gas and it is estimated that Carbon Dioxide can increase global temperature by up to four degrees. Researchers believe that a combination of Solar Panels and Solar Cells can help to reduce the overall effect of global warming.

Installation: Solar Panels can be installed anywhere there is direct sunlight. As long as there is direct sunlight then the efficiency of the Solar Cell will increase. However, Installation is important as the Solar Cells must be installed in such a way that they are facing directly in the sun rays in order to gain maximum exposure. Also, a good installation will mean that the panels will be perpendicular to the sunlight direction.

Benefits: The benefits of having a Solar Power Panel on your property far outweigh the cons. Firstly, Solar Panels can save you money on your electricity bills and also reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint. The efficiency of Solar Panels means you will be able to generate your own electricity for free and will be able to sell any excess energy you generate back to the national grid. As Solar Panels is reliable, easy to install, and require no maintenance you will be able to save money in the long term. Finally, being environmentally friendly is an important factor when choosing how to convert to solar-powered energy.